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Michelle's answers

Ok, I don't know how many of you wanted to see this, but here are Michelle's answers to my questions about theatre. And those of you who don't know WHY, I wrote and asked her if she'd answer some questions for my career project I had to do--we had to find people in career fields that interested us. And Michelle said yes, she would answer some questions. Yaaay Michelle! Oh and I typed everything the way Michelle had it - if she wrote "yr" I wrote yr. Just so you know. ;D

How many years did you have to go to school?
I went to college for 4 years. That's enough for me!

What are the best/worst aspects of your job?
Best aspects of job:
-The people I meet & work with
-I love that I get to act every day
-I get to be creative and imaginative daily

Worst aspects:
-The physical strain of 8 shows a week
-The monotany of doing the same thing every night
-Working on holidays

What are your work hours per day? Week?
We work 6 days a week all year round. I get to the theatre around 6pm & am done at 11pm.

How did you first get interested?
I was a little girl when my parents put me in acting class after school - I was hooked at 7.

What kinds of people have you met? Any famous/interesting people?
I meet mainly actors, singers, directors & writers. I get to meet the people in my field that I've admired.
Best famous meetings:
Prince, Cindy Lauper, Bruce Willis, The First Lady (Mrs. Bush) etc.

How many years of training did you need?
I still study voice and acting - I will always study.

What is a typical day for you like when you go to work?
I get up & wkout (hopefully). Maybe an audition. Make sure I eat well & often. Get to theatre, warmup, do makeup, dresser helps me get costume on - then on stage - then home.

When did you begin acting profressionally?
I started acting profressionally just after my freshman yr of college

Do you like working?
I love my job.

Do you have alot of free time to do whatever you want?
I do have free time - but I'm always working on something. My only day off is Mon. and I try not to do anything then.

What was it like working with Kristin and Idina?
Working w/ Kristin & Idina has been great. I learn alot from watching them. I was intimidated by their voices at first.

If you were not involved with it, do you think Wicked would be a show that would interest you?
I think I would like Wicked, but Caroline, or Change is more my taste.

Any good Wicked bloopers?
I fell down the steps in the opening number & couldn't sing because I was laughing so hard.

Is Wicked your first Broadway show? If not, what was?
Wicked is my first Bway show!

And then she wrote 'Take Care-' and signed 'Michelle'. lol like thats important. But anyway there you go! <3
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