thejenius (thejenius) wrote in michellefederer,

Michelle on All My Children

I was surfing and I came across some casting info for AMC on the Soaps In Depth website.

Michelle Federer (currently appearing in Broadway's Wicked as Nessarose) plays Larraine, a past acquaintance of Jonathan's, on Tuesday, February 8.

I don't watch the show, but it seems she's an ex of Jonathan's, whom he abused, and is tracked down to convince Maggie, his current girlfriend whom he's also abusing, to leave him. Sounds like an angsty character, I can't wait to see it.

I'm so happy to see Michelle taking on guest starring roles in between Wicked shows.
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yay, michelle!
thanks for the heads-up!

i watched it...she was very good..she showed emotion well because jonathan is an abuser and she was abused by him so basically she was trying to persuade jonathans current girlfriend to dump him...but now its just a mess because stupid maggie (jonathans current girlfriend) is moping over the whole thing...what a dumbass
I didn't even know! I'm watching my SOAPNET and I see her and I'm like "Woah! IS THAT NESSA?" So I come to this LJ Group and find it's true. Those eyes. (melts)