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As we work hand in hand, the Wizard and I!

So, this community's kind of dying.

Anybody been to see Michelle in Wicked recently? Taken pictures? Any cute stage door stories! Post em! :)
And not in a comment, make an entry! That way everybody else will see it right away.

Anyone want to make the community an icon if you've got PSP or Photoshop or whatnot? I don't have a good graphics program, and I think we're in need of a new one. If anyone feels so inclined, that would be lovely.

What's going on with the fanclub recently? Have we done anything special? I have to admit I haven't been checking my yahoo mail.


PS: Does anyone know Michelle's birthday?
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January 13 2005, 14:03:06 UTC 13 years ago

I was at Wicked during the performance in which Idina broke her ribs. It was really freaky, but when Michelle came out at the end to take her bow it looked like she was crying because her mascara was sort of running. I have met her in the past and my friend knows her and I know Idina! So we are all like on happy Wicked family. If anyone is interested, Idina is doing fine and is going to be filming Rent, (even though that has no relation to Michelle I thought that you know if you were a Wicked fan you might care, but hey!) Anyway sorry no pictures allowed during the performance or else the take away your camera, but i do have Michelle's autograph and I am going to see what I can do about that picture. Thanks for somebody having something to do with Michelle!

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